Sexy Gifts for a Husband for Valentine's Day

Erin SchreinerJanuary 22, 2011


Valentine's Day is traditionally a holiday for snuggling up a bit closer to the one you love and showing him just how much you care. When seeking a Valentine's Day gift for him that adequately demonstrates your feelings towards your spouse this Valentine's day, seek something that stokes the flames of romance to ensure that your Valentine's night is a delightful one. By presenting your husband with a sexy present, you give him what he likely really wants this Valentine's, more time alone with you.

Get Lucky Dice

Get creative in the bedroom with a playful set of romance-inducing dice. The Get Lucky Dice set set, available exclusively from RedEnvelope, comes with four pewter dice, each containing a movement or body part. By rolling this dice, you and your partner can create an entire phrase describing a fit-for-the-bedroom action that you can try out to spice up your Valentine's night escapades. This playful gift will likely be appreciated by any husband who wants to add some variety to your evening playtime.

Slightly Naughty Weekend Kit

Present your partner with supplies specifically designed to bring some spice back into your sex life with the Slightly Naughty Weekend Kit. This collection of adult toys is available from RedEnvelope and consists of an assortment of tools sure to add to your carnal pleasure. From tea lights to set to mood to satin straps to flavored body potions for an in-the-act taste treat, this kit has everything that you need to turn your Valentine's evening into a more sensual romantic event.

Dirty Darts

Move game time into the bedroom with this flirty Valentine's game. If your husband is a fan of general darts, he will likely delight in taking aim at this dart board filled with suggestive activities that you can try out together in your boudoir. This RedEnvelope exclusive set consists of a red, pink and black vinyl printed dart board and magnetic arrows. Hang this game from your bedroom door or, better yet, right above your headboard, and let your guy receive rewards for practicing his aim this Valentine's season.

Kama Sutra Weekend Kit

Ramp up the passion in your marriage by presenting your husband with a kit of sexy delights this Valentine's Day. Give your guy the Kama Sutra Weekend Kit as a playful way to show him that you are ready to take some in-the-bedroom risks. This kit contains an assortment of oils and potions specifically designed to enhance your Valentine's Day love making. The package is petite, so toting this present on a Valentine's getaway would present no problem at all. When your husband unwraps this collection of romantic delights, he will likely be thrilled by the erotic opportunities the contents present.

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