Sentimental Birthday Gift Suggestions

Sara CombestOctober 29, 2010


A birthday can be a great time of year to celebrate the one you love with a sentimental gift to show exactly how much he or she means to you. A sentimental birthday gift can include something personalized, a way to keep a loved one close on a daily basis, or a quote or poem about how much the person means to you.

Reasons Why I Love You

Give your loved one RedEnvelope's Reasons Why I Love You Stones, which are engraved with messages such as "because you get my jokes." The stones come in a crushed velvet pouch for safe keeping. Give them to the recipient in the beautiful velvet pouch, or decorate an old stationery box, place them in champagne glasses or place them in a candy dish alongside individually wrapped candy or jelly beans.

Family Handprints

Family handprints are a great sentimental gift for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Handprints offer a moment "frozen in time" and are especially sentimental when done with small children. This way, the recipient of your gift can have the handprints of the child forever. RedEnvelope offers a family frame kit that allows a family to place their handprints on a piece of paper and add a sentimental picture.


A personalized locket is the perfect sentimental gift and allows a mother, father, grandparent or friend to keep pictures of his or her loved ones close at hand. Lockets can be given in the form of a necklace, bracelet or cuff links to make the gift appropriate for either sex. Simply choose a photo or two to place in the locket, shrink it and paste it inside for the perfect sentimental birthday gift. RedEnvelope offers a myriad of lockets in the form of cuff links and necklaces, some featuring as many as four spaces for pictures.