Romantic Gift Ideas for a Man

Monica PatrickAugust 31, 2010


Giving romantic gifts to your husband or boyfriend is a creative way to show him he still has your heart. Flowers and candles may send you over the edge, but these romantic gift standards will fail to convey your feelings to the man you love. Romantic gifts for guys should be creative and playful in order to send the right message of love and affection to your special man.

Jewelry for Men

Jewelry gifts are personal, romantic tokens of love. Give him stylish silver cufflinks engraved with a message. Another ideas is to give him a Men's Personalized Message Ring from RedEnvelope. You can have this sterling silver and black enamel personalized with both of your names together. The ring has a wide band and comes in three sizes. Allow three weeks for the personalization process to be completed. Your boyfriend will cherish this special memento forever. A simple silver rope or gold chain makes the perfect romantic necklace. Add an engraved tag to the necklace and have a personal message added.

Hidden Notes

Everyone loves to receive hidden love notes. Give your guy a set of Hidden Message Collar Stays from RedEnvelope. These classy stainless steel collar stays come in PG and R rated versions. Each of the 12 stays has a secret message engraved in them. For example, "You're so handsome" and "That tie will be useful." This set of hidden messages comes in a leather carrying case he can carry anywhere. For an extra personal touch, have the case embossed with his initials in silver. Alternatively, you could buy some stationary and write your own notes on colored paper. Spritz the paper with some fragrant perfume and tuck the notes in a pocket of his jacket. Make it extra special by attaching a stylish piece of jewelry or a keychain with a romantic message to the scrolled up note.

Romantic Personalized Gifts

Surprise him with a silky black pair of pajama pants and a matching half robe. A sixties inspired smoking jacket will make him feel like Hugh Hefner. Have a sexy nickname or his first name embroidered on the left breast pocket. Shop around for a new cologne that you would like him to wear during an intimate evening together. Buy him a leather bound grooming kit complete with clippers, file and tweezers. Have this gift personalized by embossing it with his name or initials.

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