Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her

Linda RaySeptember 2nd, 2010


It's tough to beat a romantic getaway for the ultimate birthday gift for the lady in your life. But if your budget and calendar don't allow for a big trip this year, there are a number of gifts that you can find to creatively express your feelings for her. Keep in mind the presentation when you're putting together a romantic birthday gift too.

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Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac

Curators at the Field Museum in Chicago report that throughout the ages chocolate has been viewed as an aphrodisiac. Legend has it that Casanova drank chocolate every day to keep up with all his amorous affairs and Montezuma downed chocolate to prolong his lovemaking. Look to Red Envelope for a variety of luscious chocolate treats that will portray your own romantic side. Give her an assortment of wine truffles or 20 hand-dipped cherries. Choose chocolate-dipped berries or a dozen deluxe hand-dipped strawberries. Feed them by hand to your beloved for a romantic treat while burning a Godiva chocolate-scented candle from Red Envelope.

Candles with a Twist

While many men are blas? about scented candles, women derive sensual pleasure from the low light and the intoxicating scents of candles. A well-selected set of candles or candleholders can go far in expressing your romantic side to a woman. The entwined lines of the twisted candlesticks by Red Envelope mimic the interlocked arms of two lovers. The set of 12 year of wishes candles exclusive at Red Envelope will maintain your romantic intentions all year long. Light the candles in the massage candle kit and then drip the warm wax on your woman as you give her a birthday massage.

Romantic Jewelry

It's really hard to miss with jewelry. Watch the one you love for a while to learn about her favorite pieces. Does she always wear a bracelet? Does she prefer chokers to chains around her neck? Does she like dangles or studs in her ears? Giving jewelry that she knows you put thought into will make the piece even more romantic. Look for unique designs in romantic twists at Red Envelope's collection of jewelry. Consider the couple's heart birthstone ring or a garnet love charm necklace. The book of love locket or heart-shaped birthstone necklace will go over wonderfully when presented in one of the classy jewelry pouches or rolls you also can find at Red Envelope.

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