Romantic Birthday Gifts for Guys

Anna ScanlonSeptember 2nd, 2010


When it's your guy's birthday, chances are you'll want to give him an extra special romantic gift that'll help him remember this birthday for years to come. In order to enhance the specialness, consider purchasing a gift the two of you can enjoy together.

Dirty Dice

If you're looking to spice up your relationship, consider purchasing a pair of dirty dice for an extra special after party of your own. These dice, available at most adult themed stores, add a little bit of spice to your love life with a simple roll. Each side of the dice will feature an action and a body part to do it to, to help keep the romance alive and kicking. RedEnvelope offers a set of pewter "Get Lucky" dice to help get things rolling.

Weekend Kit

A weekend kit offers samplers of several products to take on a romantic weekend. While some weekender kits feature G-rated themes, you can give your guy a naughty version for a birthday weekend in. These kits offer a variety of items, from massage oils, to lubricants to edible body lotion--a perfect sampler to bring the two of you just that much closer together. RedEnvelope offers a Slightly Naughty Weekend Kit, complete with edible body dust, tea lights, massage oils and a how-to guide.

Couple's Bath Caddy

A couple's bath caddy is the perfect way to end your guy's birthday celebration, while unwinding in the tub together and enjoying delicious romantic treats. Bath caddies can usually be adjusted to fit to any tub and allow for couples to enjoy a deluxe soak while having their favorite romantic treats at hand. RedEnvelope offers a Couples Bamboo Bath Caddy, which stretches to secure to almost any size tub. In addition, it offers a place for champagne flutes to keep them sturdy and in place.

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