What are the Best Romantic Birthday Gifts for Him?

Anna ScanlonApril 25, 2010


Chances are, when it comes time for your man's birthday, you'll want to treat him to something extra special. Give him a birthday gift for him to show you're thinking about him, or something the two of you can share together during your own private celebration.

Special Picture Frame

Although a picture frame seems like a trite and boring gift, spice it up and make it romantic by purchasing a picture frame made out of a precious metal or brushed nickel and have it engraved. Pick a picture from your wedding or the two of you on a special and memorable occasion, or make a collage of pictures to add to the frame. Engrave it with a special message for a romantic gift he'll be sure to treasure. RedEnvelope offers a brushed-nickel set of memory picture frames that come with a plaque that can be engraved with a personal message.

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Massage Kits

Looking for something romantic and sexy for your own private celebration? Try purchasing him a massage kit. Most of these kits come complete with massage oil (that can be heated up easily and quickly in the microwave), making a deep tissue massage for your guy extra sensual and special. This is the perfect present for the stressed birthday boy who needs some time to unwind. RedEnvelope offers a unique alternative, the massage candle set. Candles can be lit to light the mood and the hot wax made by the candle become a massage oil that can be dripped on your guy's pressure points and used as massage oil.


Who says lockets are only for women? You can purchase a locket for your guy in the form of something a little more masculine, like a key chain or cuff links. Copy a picture of the two of you, shrink it down and paste it in the locket and give it to him for a wonderfully romantic gift. Each time he takes out his keys or fastens his cuff links, he'll be sure to think of you. RedEnvelope offers a silver plated locked key chain with enough space for two photos. In addition, you can engrave his initials on the front to make it even more romantic and personal.

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