Most Popular Treats Given to a Valentine

Mark Rhyman January 15, 2011


Sweets and treats are popular Valentine's Day gift for both men and women. They're a good supplement to other gifts, but also work as the entire gift itself, depending on the circumstances. Finding the right treat for a Valentine takes knowing that person's tastes. It is different for each individual. Looking at some favorites is a good way to get the ball rolling and come up with some ideas.

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Valentine's Chocolates

An assorted box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box is given on this holiday so often that it has become known as Valentine's Day chocolates. You should have no trouble finding a wide selection of chocolate boxes to choose from, be they small or large, plain or highly decorated. For a slight twist on this gift, consider RedEnvelope's chocolate-dipped strawberries in a velvet heart box.

Chocolate Roses

Chocolate roses have a plastic stem with a piece of chocolate on the top shaped like a Valentine's rose. The chocolate is covered in red aluminum to make it look like the flower. This combines the two most popular Valentine's Day gifts into one: chocolate and roses. With a plastic stem, you don't have to worry about thorns, and while the chocolate will go bad eventually, it has a much longer shelf life than a real rose.


Valentine's Day cookies can be store-bought or homemade, but making them at home shows you put in some extra effort. Personalize the cookies with frosting if you make them at home. Cut them out into a number of holiday-specific shapes, the most popular being either Cupid or a heart.

Candy Hearts

Candy hearts are another treat that spring to mind when one thinks of the holiday. The little hearts with messages printed on them, such as "I Love You" and "Be Mine," have been around since the early 1900s. Somehow it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without them. Pick out the messages you want to convey to your Valentine, or just give her a full, unopened bag.

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