Organic Valentine's Day Gifts

Mark Rhyman January 13, 2011


Valentine's Day is an occasion to show how much you care about someone. A Valentine's Day gift offers a chance to show your appreciation and love for your significant other. It's also a chance to display how well you know your loved one by giving her something that suits her tastes. If your Valentine is dedicated to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, organic presents are an ideal gesture.

Some Like it Hot
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Finding organic baked goods and candy for Valentine's Day might be a bit tricky, but it can be done. Your green-minded Valentine need not go without her festive dose of chocolate and sugar if you're willing to put in some extra effort. If you can't find any organic sweets at the store, buy organic products and make some on your own. If she is health conscious, buy her a healthy treat like RedEnvelope's Organic Fruit Sampler.


Get a bit more elaborate and make a delicious organic meal for you and your sweetie. Make sure that all the ingredients you use are certified organic. Many organic eaters are very specific on this, and will not eat nonorganic foods. You don't want to spoil the mood or the gesture by including only half-organic items. Add a wine made from organically grown grapes to round out the dinner. You can set the mood, and the dinner table by adding organically grown roses or Valentine's Day flowers.


Whether it's a piece of lingerie or some other negligee or undergarment, or something less risque like a t-shirt or a pair of pants, apparel and clothing made of organic materials is a perfect option. RedEnvelope carries the Hooded Organic Bathrobe for both men and women that walk the line between intimate and casual.

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