One Month Anniversary Gifts for a Boyfriend

Douglas RobertsJan, 2011

One Month Anniversary Gifts for a Boyfriend

Anniversary gift giving among married couples is a tradition that dates back for centuries, but modern lovers do not always adhere to tradition. If a one-month anniversary is a significant event for you or your boyfriend, today it is appropriate to mark the occasion with an inexpensive gift. Keep in mind that surprising your new boyfriend with a pricey gift may be unsuitable so early in a relationship. Give him a gift to signify your excitement about your relationship without going over the top.

Paper Gifts

Paper gifts make nice keepsakes, and they will not empty your pocketbook. Purchase a romantic card for your boyfriend and pen a personal message inside. Write a poem you created yourself or borrow a few lines from your favorite poet. If you want to do more, add a $10 to $20 gift card to his favorite store and tuck it inside, or buy a picture frame and place a picture of you or the two of you together inside.

Key Chains

Small gifts like a key chain make a nice token of your affection. Buy your boyfriend a recordable key chain. Record a flirty message on the key chain that he can play whenever he wants to hear your voice. RedEnvelope has a silver-toned keychain that allows you to load a digital picture that displays at the touch of a button.

Music CDs

If your boyfriend is a music lover, then give him a CD of his favorite artist. Mix and burn a playlist of songs you have listened to together. For the guy who loves listening to music while exercising, buy him a pair of gel headphones.


Guys of all ages enjoy playing with gadgets. Commemorate your one-month anniversary with a USB desk figurine, a personalized mouse pad, or a desk toy. If he likes drinking beer, RedEnvelope has a beer holster he can wear to hold his bottles and cans. This gadget fits on his hip like an Old West gunbelt.


If your new boyfriend is not overly concerned about his wardrobe, then an attractive garment gift is nice. A colorful, yet manly scarf will keep him warm. Purchase a pair of warm gloves, a sports ball cap, or a novelty t-shirt. Or, buy him a large umbrella that will easily cover the two of you.

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