Nurse Graduation Gift Ideas

Tyler WilliamsFeb, 2011

Gifts for Nurse Graduates

Nursing school takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When someone successfully earns their nursing degree, they deserve something special to mark the occasion. It's a major milestone that only comes around once. Nurse gradation gifts can be a useful item to help the grad in their professional life to come or something to simply show you're thinking of them during this exciting time.

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Nurses often must purchase their own uniforms. This can be a financial burden on a young person just starting out in her career, especially if student loans are in the picture as well. Helping her out with the purchase of a new uniform can ease the new grad's mind about another expense. To make the gift more special, you can have the uniform personalized with her name or an empowering quote. If you don't know her exact size or uniform needs, the best option is to present her with a gift card or certificate to a local uniform supply store.


A reliable watch is another must have for the new nurse. Not only does he need to get to work on time, he's required to take patients' vitals several times throughout the day. A watch with a visible second hand is best. Since nurses must wash their hands several times each day, a waterproof watch is also preferable. If the new graduate is not a watch person, a beautiful piece of jewelry is a great gift as well.


Recent grads starting their professional life often find it helpful to have a journal to put their thoughts down on paper for future reference. It can also be a nice place to vent frustrations or take stock of achievements. A personalized journal with a message of congratulations will add a nice individual touch. RedEnvelope carries the Story Of A Lifetime journal, useful for everyday journaling as well as career-focused writings.

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