Modern Gifts for 30th Wedding Anniversary

Anna ScanlonAugust 17, 2010


A 30th anniversary, a big milestone in terms of marriage, carries the traditional theme of pearls. In more modern times, the anniversary has come to be associated with diamond jewelry. When selecting a gift, you can choose go for diamond jewelry, or be creative and go for something completely different you feel the couple or your spouse will enjoy.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

If your wife goes by the motto "diamonds are a girl's best friend," then go for the diamond jewelry theme of the occasion. A diamond solitaire pendant necklace is an elegant and classy gift that she can wear year-round and for years to come. You can purchase diamond solitaire pendants at a variety of price points (depending on the size and quality of the diamond). RedEnvelope offers the 88 Diamond Solitaire Pendant, a diamond solitaire with eight sides and 88 facets dangling from a 14-karat white-gold setting.

Personalized Band Ring

Great for a man, a personalized band ring can be purchased in any metal and personalized to include anything you wish to place on the ring. Many personalized band rings have the personalization on the top of the ring, while others may have it hidden inside the ring. Put the date the two of you got married, your names or the names of your children on this special ring. If you wish, you can always find one with a small diamond so it is in keeping with the anniversary.


If your spouse always seems to be losing her jewelry or has trouble keeping track of his small, precious items, a valet is the perfect solution to this issue. A valet looks and functions much like a jewelry box and can come in a variety of finishes like brushed nickel, leather or wood. You can have the valet personalized with his initials on it, your wedding date or her name. If you want to keep in the theme of diamond jewelry, hide a diamond necklace or ring in the valet so she'll be greeted with a sweet surprise when she opens it.