Bronze Anniversary Gifts for Men

Anna ScanlonNovember 19, 2010


Traditionally speaking, the gift you give to a couple or your spouse on the eighth wedding anniversary should be made of bronze. This year, spice up traditional by getting your husband a great bronze gift that he will actually appreciate.


Many jewelry pieces come in bronze, making this a great gift for your husband. You can find bronze masculine bracelets or necklaces at many department stores or jewelers. If the necklace has a pendant hanging from it, have it engraved with a special quote, his name or the date of your anniversary. Also in line with jewelry, you can buy him a bronze ring with a date engraved on the inside or a key chain with a bronze pendant.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are often made with a component of bronze material, so for the man who loves his garden, give a garden gift that provides sweet music as the wind blows by. RedEnvelope offers a set of wind chimes, tuned to the Golden Ratio, a quotient the site claims that was discovered by the ancient Greeks. In addition to bronze tubing, the chimes feature a cherry wood finish and faux turquoise accents.

Bronze Pottery

If your man is a fan of blooming potted plants or needs something to spruce up his desk at home or work, buy him a plant nestled in an elegant bronze pot. You can find bronze pots at almost any nursery and you can opt to give him the pot with or without a plant already inside. If you decide to let him pick the plant grow one himself, put some loose pieces of candy inside of your bronze gift.