Medical School Graduation Gift Ideas

Clark MandelbaumDec, 2010

In 1765, specialists at the University of Pennsylvania taught the first medical classes in the New World. Two years later, in 1767, Columbia University, formerly known as King's College, conferred the first doctorate medical degrees. According to the American Medical Association, there were over 900,000 physicians registered with the AMA in 2006. Reward a graduating medical student, and commemorate this special achievement with a graduation gift.

Money Gifts

After medical school, graduates will change their focus from earning a degree to earning money. Give your loved one a money clip, leather wallet or purse. Purchase a magnetic money clip that holds paper money in place. RedEnvelope offers a silver-plated money clip you can have engraved. Buy a digital change bank that counts money as you add it. Purchase a gold or silver coin with the graduation year on it.

Dressy Accessories

Get graduates prepared for tough interviews with distinctive accessories. For him, purchase a pair of engraved, enamel or birthstone cuff links. For her, buy a silver necklace with a personalized picture locket. Other dressy accessories include diamond solitaire earrings, a silk scarf or a cashmere sweater.

Office Gifts

Help new doctors set up their office by purchasing a professional briefcase, leather portfolio or laptop case. Or choose a personalized embosser, monogrammed stationary and a letter opener. Give electronic office gifts like a computer, PDA or printer. Purchase a professional pen and pencil set. Office gifts like a stereo, bookshelves and picture frames will be appreciated as well. Other options include jump drives, planners, and leather-bound reference books.

Flowers and Plants

Fresh flowers and plants look nice when displayed in a home or an office. Fill her arms with a dozen red roses, or give him a juniper bonsai tree. RedEnvelope has a plant of the month series that sends a new plant every month for six months. Popular plant gifts include ferns, tulips and herbs.

Personal Gifts

If the graduate is a family member or close friend, it is appropriate to give personalized gifts. Purchase a set of luggage with personalized luggage tags. For those who love to read, consider devotional books, journals or inspirational autobiographies. For those who love to relax, purchase a pair of silk pajamas or luxurious spa robe.

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