How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Gift Basket

Mark Rhyman November 15, 2011


Finding a unique baby shower gift is not always an easy task. You want something that will be appreciated and also useful. There are so many choices that it can often seem next to impossible to settle on any one thing. That's why a baby shower gift basket is such a great option. You won't have to choose one particular item, but can instead include many, increasing the chances of giving the perfect gift.

Step 1

Purchase or locate a basket. You might have one already from a gift basket given to you in the past. You may also wish to buy a baby shower gift basket and add your own items to it. This is an especially good option if you can find a large basket which only has a few items in it already.

Step 2

Purchase gifts for the new baby to put in your gift basket. Consider including practical items such as baby clothes, pacifiers, rattles, bottles, bibs and stuffed animals which will be useful; as well as baby keepsakes , which will be treasured. Just make sure everything you get for the baby is guaranteed to be safe for an infant. Check labels to be sure.

Step 3

Purchase gifts for the mother-to-be to include in your basket as well. These can be bath and relaxation gifts, gift certificates (restaurants, spas, weekend getaways) or even specially made coupons offering your babysitting services so she can go out and enjoy herself after the long pregnancy. RedEnvelope carries many gifts suitable for both mom and baby alike.

Step 4

Decorate the gift basket with ribbons and bows or by wrapping the entire basket. You may wish to wrap it in traditional gift paper or in transparent cellophane.


Gift basket

Gifts for the baby

Gifts for the mother-to-be

Wrapping paper or decorative items

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