What Kind of Gift Does the Bride Give a Maid of Honor?

Anna ScanlonOctober 27th, 2010


The Maid of Honor has a big job: she is responsible for planning the bridal shower, helping the bride with any and all pre-wedding jobs and responsibilities, and providing her valuable opinion when shopping for a wedding dress. Show your maid of honor how much you appreciate all her help with a special Maid of Honor gift.

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Some brides opt to give their bridesmaids all the same gift--such as a strand of pearls, key chain or picture frame. While this is fine for your bridesmaids, you'll want to give your maid of honor something that really stands out and suits her individual taste.

What to Give Her?

When choosing a gift for your maid of honor, make it fun and original. Buy her something you know she'll appreciate, such as a book on a subject she likes, a gift certificate to her favorite store, or a DVD of her favorite movie or television show. Personalized jewelry is also a nice touch, depending on her tastes. RedEnvelope offers a wide array of jewelry that would be appropriate for a maid of honor gift. For example, Red Envelope's What Fills Her Heart Necklace, with a heart and pearls inside, is a perfect present for a maid of honor.


Personalize the gift by wrapping the present with unique wrapping paper or having the gift itself personalized. Red Envelope offers the option to personalized many gifts. Some personalized gift options include robes, keepsakes and jewelry.

When to Give the Gift

Typically, gifts to the wedding party are given on the day of the wedding. If you're staying in a hotel, you can go door to door to give the presents to your bridesmaids one by one or simply leave them in the dressing room where they'll be sure to find them. However, you should give your maid of honor her gift in person, along with some heartfelt words of gratitude to make sure she understands how appreciated she has been in this stressful process.

Put It in Writing

Include a letter or card with your gift, expressing what your maid of honor means to you. A gift is simply an inanimate object, but the card or letter will express the thoughts behind it. She will undoubtedly appreciate receiving the letter almost as much as she appreciated receiving the gift.

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