Linen or Silk Anniversary Gifts for Men

Mark Rhyman June 21, 2010


The 4th anniversary is traditionally marked with a linen anniversary gift or silk item, which tends to be an easier task for a man buying for a woman than vice versa. Finding a suitable present for a man made from silk or linen can take some searching. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, however, you should be able to find something your man will love. At the very least, things should work out better than if you go with the modern 4th anniversary gift of appliances.


Silk and linen have a certain luxurious smoothness, making them ideal for certain pieces of apparel. Dress shirts made from silk or linen provide a man with an elegant look. Robes made from the two materials are also a favorite for many. Silk especially offers comfort for nightwear. Silk boxer shorts are also popular among certain men. If your man falls into that category, consider picking up a few pairs as a nice supplemental gift to something a bit fancier.

Decorative Items

Wall hangings made from silk or linen will add a nice decorative touch to your husband, boyfriend or fianc?'s bedroom, office, den or other living area. Throw pillows are another choice for home furnishings made from these materials. Linen quilts can be draped over coaches or chairs for a comfortable, homey feel. Nice table linens should also be considered as a possible option in this category.


Silk and linen bedding may seem like a somewhat mundane choice, but think again. Consider the possibilities the special night afford after you've given him a set of smooth linen or silk (though silk will probably be sexier) sheets. A flirtatious gift basket, full of lotions, naughty dice, such as RedEnvelope's Get Lucky Dice, will help you get the point across that much more clearly. The combination should ensure a happy anniversary night, and many more to follow.

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