Unique Leather Gifts for a Third Anniversary

Erin SchreinerOctober 21th, 2010


Traditionally, third wedding anniversary gifts are to be commemorated with a gift of leather. While some elect to deviate from this time-honored gift-giving tradition, others stay faithful to the set gifting themes. If you want to give your spouse a gift that fits this theme, you can select from an assortment of interesting options that not only contain leather elements, but also will please your picky partner.

Leather-bound Story of a Lifetime

This gift combines the thematically appropriate leather with a meaningful and retrospective gift. The 348-page journal of a lifetime contains a mixture of questions for the recipient to answer and blank pages on which to paste beloved photos and memorabilia. If your spouse is a scrap-booking fan, or enjoys crafting family albums, this unusual gift is the ideal choice for your third anniversary.

Leather Excursion Travel Case

If your partner commonly spends time on the road, give him a leather gift that he can use while traveling. The Leather Excursion Case, available from RedEnvelope, is made of brown leather, and contains an assortment of pockets into which your globe hopping guy can stuff his necessaries. The case contains brass hardware, and comes complete with an engravable brass plate on the front, allowing you to add a personal message to your special someone which he can view regardless of how far from home his travels may take him.

Braided Leather Dad Bracelet

While women are commonly the gender associated with jewelry, men can have some leather accessory fun too with this woven leather bracelet. By giving your spouse this gift, you celebrate both your anniversary as well as his status as a father. This masculine piece is made of brown leather with a brushed metal band around it. The band reads "dad" in English on one side, and Sanskrit on the other. This gift is particularly apt if you recently gave your husband the gift of a new baby, or if you are currently expecting a bundle of joy.

Beer Holster

Take a playful jab at your brew-loving spouse with a leather beer holster. This griller's best friend clips onto the wearers belt, and wraps around the leg, to ensure that the cold beer that it houses stays in place. The holster is made of leather, and will hold either a bottle or a can of your man's favorite beer.

Leather ID Toggle Bracelet

This ladies jewelry piece, available from RedEnvelope, makes a wonderful, personalized gift for your best gal on your third anniversary. The bracelet includes a silver plated toggle charm, that can be engraved with up to 10 letters, and a leather bracelet band, available in red, pink, blue or black. Even ladies who do not traditionally enjoy a gift of jewelry may appreciate this piece, as it is not overly frilly or elaborate.