Keepsake Gifts for a Baby Girl

Erin SchreinerJune 25, 2010


The birth of a new baby girl is cause for celebration and commemoration. When presenting a gift to the parents of a new little girl, opt for a gift that not only serves a function, but also acts as a keepsake. The parents will likely look back at your gift as they reflect upon their little one's baby-hood for years to come. As they do, they will think not only of their child's infancy but also of the thoughtful gift-giver who selected such an apt present.

Personalized Baby Blanket

New moms and dads can keep their little bundle of joy cozy with a personalized baby blanket. This utilitarian gift, easily transitions into a memento once the baby has outgrown the use of the fluffy cover. Consider the Personalized Baby Blanket from This blanket comes in girl-appropriate pastel pink and features an image of a little girl. The blanket is customizable, allowing you to have the child's name and birthday date embroidered next to the featured image. Whether put to use or simply used as a decoration, this thoughtful present is sure to be a hit.

Baby Keepsake Basket

Instead of settling on one gift, give the new parents a plethora of presents to commemorate their new daughter's birth. Present the beaming parents with a Baby Keepsake Basket from RedEnvelope, which contains baby linens, a photo album and a photo frame. The goodies come nestled in a tin basket that mom can put to good use when storing baby necessities. The pink and brown hues that decorate the tin and the materials it contains give the gift a contemporary look and clearly identify it as a present for a new princess.

Personalized Scrubs

Express your high expectations for the new bundle of joy by buying her personalized baby scrubs. This gift, which is particularly appropriate for parents who express an interest in their little munchkin achieving academic success, is a playful way to commemorate a new birth. The scrubs come in an assortment of colors, including a perfect-for-baby-girl pastel pink. Order the scrubs with simply the child's name embroidered on the front, or instead stick a "Dr." in front of her moniker to add a little extra humor to the gift.

Baby Print Frame

Encourage the new mom and dad to capture an impression of their little one's tiny toes and impossibly small hands by presenting them with a Baby Print Frame Set from This set comes in either white or mahogany. The set consists of a trio of frames, attached by side hinges. Each frame comes with an assortment of mats, including a pastel pink one prefect for a petite princess. The center frame features a metal plaque that can be monogrammed with the baby's name and initials. The two outer frames are intended to hold plaster imprints of the tot's toes and fingers. The kit comes complete with a plaster casting set so that the beaming parents can easily capture an impression of their cutie's appendages.

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