Inspirational Graduation Gifts

Chuck WoodsonFeb 2011

Inspirational Graduation Gifts

Graduation is an important event in anyone's life. The event signifies the end of a long commitment and the beginning of new opportunities. An ideal time to give an inspirational graduation gift that recognizes the graduate's accomplishments. An inspirational gift can provide motivation and guidance as the grad steps out into her new life.

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Graduation is a rite of passage that should be celebrated with something tangible that can be saved for years to remember the occasion. While electronic books flourish and many young people spend more time online than with paper pages between their hands, a hardcover book of inspirational quotes or a biography of a successful person may be more appropriate than an e-book. Provoke your grad's imagination with a photo book of sites around the world that are open for exploration. According to Emily Post, a graduation gift should be one that lasts.


Men and women alike may appreciate a piece of inspirational graduation jewelry that inspires them each time they wear it. At Red Envelope, the Embrace Life necklace embodies sentiments sure to uplift and inspire your female grad. It is made from a nearly 1-inch round Sacred Circle that signifies wholeness, unity and completeness, ideals that new graduates must remember as they make their way in the world. The pendant is inscribed with the words "embrace life" to remind them of their mission.

Financial Incentives

Money is the most popular graduation gift. According to the National Retail Federation, close to 60 percent of gift-givers gave money to their graduates. While cash may not inspire the new grad, other financial incentives may inspire him to save and invest for his new future. Consider a gift of stocks, or start a savings account or certificate of deposit that earns interest and can inspire the grad to continue saving for his future. Once he sees your gift grow, he will better understand the meaning behind your present.


Tasteful pieces of art can provide years of inspiration hanging on the wall of your new grad's home. Consider a framed poster of an athlete that embodies the spirit of accomplishment and hard work. Paintings of cities you know your grad has placed on her bucket list of places to see can keep her focused on her goals. Art that depicts a peaceful setting can keep the ambiance of her new place in harmony as she tackles new opportunities. A small sign with a message of hope and encouragement can be hung in a nook to keep her grounded.

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