Inexpensive Valentine Gifts for Men

Anna ScanlonJanuary 11, 2011


Valentine's Day is about expressing to your loved ones how much you care. There's no need to spend a lot of money when purchasing the perfect Valentine's gift for your man. Instead, consider buying something that is inexpensive but compliments his personality. You can add personal flair by writing a long letter or including his favorite candy bar with the package.

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Flexible Tripod

A flexible, all-terrain tripod is perfect for your shutterbug man. If he loves taking pictures of the two of you on camping trips and long romantic vacations, the all-terrain tripod is a great way to capture photos on self-timer or keep the camera steady while taking pictures of that beautiful sunset. Some flexible tripods stand on their own on any terrain, while others must be looped around a pole or tree for stability.

Money Clip

If he has a difficult time keeping track of his money, give him a money clip to make sure it all stays put. RedEnvelope offers an attractive silver-plated money clip which can be monogrammed with his initials, making it an extra-personal, yet inexpensive, gift. With his money clip, he can tuck his cash safely in his wallet without having to worry about the money falling out, or he can simply and easily clip it to the inside of his pocket for added security.

Grilling Rack

Perfect for the guy who loves to entertain, a grilling rack will enable him to easily whip up chicken, steaks, vegetables or any other variety of foods. Grilling racks are placed on top of a barbecue, making it easy for him to take it with him when the two of you go on romantic camping trips or he goes out for a weekend with the guys. Most grilling racks are easy to clean up, make very little mess and ensure that his food cooks evenly.