Ideas for Wedding Gift Baskets

Monica PatrickAugust 15, 2010


Wedding gift baskets make a delightful presentation when the gift has a special theme or represents the couple in a creative way. A personalized gift basket, no matter the size, may match a special theme or color ensemble. Showcase your good taste by buying or assembling a one-of-a-kind basket of gifts.

Edible basket

Newlyweds will love receiving an edible gift basket to take on their honeymoon. A wedding gift basket loaded with fruit makes a tasty and inviting snack for busy days together. Give the Classic Fruit Basket with 3 Free Gifts from RedEnvelope. This basket comes filled with different fruits including pears, apples and oranges. Stuffed in between the fruit are wrapped pieces of candy. Your three free gifts are a Gouda cheese, crackers and summer sausage. This gift basket comes beautifully wrapped and ready for giving. Alternatively, you could make your own edible basket for the wedding couple to share during an intimate time together. Fill a basket with a small fondue pot and tea lights for melting chocolate. Include skewers, chocolates, fresh fruits and cookies for dipping into the fondue. Decorate the basket with chocolate brown and mint green shred and tissue paper. Wrap it all up with some clear cellophane.

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Candle basket

Newlyweds will be excited about decorating their home together. A collection of candles to use throughout the home would be a nice gift. Buy a reusable large wicker basket. The couple can use it later for carrying laundry or other household chores. Pad the bottom of the basket with loads of tissue paper. Buy candles in varying sizes in colors that compliment the couple's home. Pillar candles, candles in a jar, even novelty sized candles will make a newlyweds home bright and cheery. RedEnvelope's Personalized Double Happiness Candles displays your good wishes for the couple and you hopes that they enjoy a happy marriage. This whimsical historical gift is brightly worked from red paraffin wax. The candle itself is in ancient Chinese, but the base of the candle can be personalized with the couples name and wedding date. This set of candles burns for 79 hours and is 7 inches tall.

Bedroom basket

A bedroom themed basket makes a dreamy gift for the newly married. Buy a bamboo tray with handles. The tray should be 3 to 4 inches deep to hold all your goodies. Place paper shred on the bottom of the tray. Fill the tray with goodies for the bedroom. This would be ideal gift to inspire the couple to share a nightly snack together or bring on another breakfast in bed. Put a small teapot and two teacups on the tray. Add some linen napkins that have the couple's monogram embroidered on them. Some flavored teas and various snacks are nice additions to a bedroom basket.

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