Ideas for a Honeymoon Gift Basket

Monica PatrickAugust 31, 2010


Newly married couples take honeymoon vacations to get to know one another and celebrate their marriage in a romantic and intimate setting. Giving them a special gift basket to mark the occasion is a thoughtful gesture. Before the honeymoon couple takes off for their adventure, surprise them with a goodie basket they can share when they are alone together.

Decadent Chocolate

Chocolate is a sensual snack perfect for a honeymooner's basket. RedEnvelope's Godiva Indulgence Gift Basket will delight the senses. Inside each basket are a chocolate caramel bar, chocolate almonds and Godiva biscuits. Chocolate-covered wine truffles combine two flavors that lovers enjoy, wine and chocolate. Wine Truffles come in a pack of 16 with four different chocolate and wine flavorings. These truffles make a surprising addition to a honeymoon gift basket. A small fondue pot with chocolate for melting is amusing gift with loads of flavor. Place the pot in a brown wicker basket with skewers and strawberries for dipping.

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Taste of Italy

No matter what their destination, you can make the newlyweds feel like they are vacationing in Rome with an Italian-inspired gift basket. Often thought of as a city for lovers, an Italian gift basket is tasty and fun. Fill a large wicker basket with red paper shred. Fold a pretty red and white gingham tablecloth into the bottom along with two matching napkins. Choose a sweet red wine to add to the box. If the basket will be traveling with the couple, place the bottle in a decorative wine box. A selection of gourmet cheeses, flavored dipping oils, and small loaves of fresh bread or crackers are fragrant selections honeymooners will love snacking on.

Sightseer's Basket

Excited honeymooners may forget some of the necessities when preparing for their vacation. Make a sightseer basket complete with some practical and impractical gifts. Buy a picnic basket, roll up two beach towels and place them inside. Add a bottle of sunscreen to the basket. A pair of flavored lip balms will protect lips from the sun and wind. Novelty sunglasses and visors are good gifts to include in the basket as well. If you know their destination, include a map of the area along with a guidebook listing some tourist locations and fun facts. Disposable and waterproof cameras are thoughtful gifts the bride and groom can use to capture spontaneous moments.

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