Ideas for a Family Christmas Gift Exchange

Monica PatrickNov 1, 2010


Large families can run up big bills at Christmas. Opting for a family gift exchange alleviates some of the post holiday crunch. After you draw names, browse the gift selection at RedEnvelope for seasonal gifts that will warm the heart and not the pocketbook. Choose the gift box option to have your gift wrapped in the classic red gift box.

Sweet Treats

If your gift recipient has a sweet tooth then satisfy it with Chocolate Covered Oreos. Each of the sandwich cookies receives a bath in decadent Belgian chocolate receiving a carefully wrapping in colored foil. Chocolate Covered Oreos come in a reusable glass canister that holds thirty-four cookies. Wine lovers would enjoy RedEnvelope's Wine Truffles. Each collection comes with four Cabernet, Champagne, chardonnay and port wine truffles. Elegantly stashed in fluted paper cups, these sweets are nestled in a decorative box. The Classic Truffle Collection is 1/2 pounds of dark and milk chocolate truffles. These rich truffles come with a variety of fillings like caramel, raspberry, peanut butter and even tropical flavors.


Angels are classic Christmas symbols. A set of Handmade Angel Ornaments are the ideal gift for the angel lovers. Each set of three Sisal Bamboula angels are six inches in height with a two to three inch wingspan. Crafted by African artisans these angels come in plain white or multi-colored sets. Baby's First Christmas Ornament Kit is a wonderful gift for new mommies and grandmothers. This kit allows parents to imprint ornaments with baby's handprint or footprint. The kit comes with a festive red box that stores baby's photograph on top. Choose different molds for the ornaments like heart, circle or star. Each ornament comes with pin blue and red ribbons for easy hanging. Order the optional plate and have it engraved with the child's name and the date.

Warm Gifts

Smittens are a humorous, useful gift for hand holding couples. Smittens come with two regular fleece mittens and one tandem mitten for the couple to share while holding hands. Customize your Smittens by ordering the appropriate size mittens. The Acorn Ragg Wool Slipper Socks will keep toes warm on cold winter mornings. Memory foam insoles mold to the shape of the wearer's foot comfortably. Slipper Sock's upper portion combines wool, nylon and spandex for a snug fit. Slipper Sock's lower portion is a combination of suede and leatherwork. This warm gift comes in different sizes for men and women.

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