How to Wrap Baby Gifts

Mark Rhyman September 15th, 2010


Often people search for the perfect baby gift and then forget to commit any real time or effort into gift wrapping the item. Presenting a baby gift which has been appropriately and thoughtfully put together will communicate just how special you find this occasion and how much you want to celebrate it with the new parent or parents. There are several different ways to wrap baby gifts so that they convey this message of care and love.

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Step 1

Wrap the baby gift in appropriate paper. If the present is for a newborn baby, you should be able to find wrapping which corresponds to this event. Perhaps, for instance, blue paper reading, "It's a boy!"

Step 2

Include a small rattle or child safe stuffed animal on the outside of the gift, tied with a piece of ribbon or a bow. This will add another present to your gift, while also causing the wrapping job itself to stand out.

Step 3

Place the item in a gift box and tie ribbon around it to hold the top in place. Choose a blue box and ribbon for a boy and a pink box for a girl, or packaging designed to celebrate a birth.

Step 4

Attach a small card, either with just the infant's name written on it or a message to either the child's parent or parents, or to the child him or herself.

Step 5

Wrap the present up in a baby wrap or blanket, given as part of the present. The top can be tied off with a piece of string or ribbon. RedEnvelope offers a personalized hooded towel for babies, which can be embroidered with the child's name.


Baby related gift wrapping

Ribbon or bows

Secondary gifts such as a rattle (optional)

Gift box (optional)

Card (optional)

Baby blanket or wrap (optional)