How to Find Gifts for My Wife

Erin SchreinerMarch 31, 2010


Many men struggle when selecting gifts for their wives. While they care greatly for these women and appreciate all that they do for them and their family, they struggle to select a present that adequately conveys the depth of their emotions. Buying a unique gift for her can present a challenge, but, with some time, energy and creativity, you can ensure that the gift you so proudly present pleases your beloved wife.

Listen to her

In the weeks approaching the gift giving holiday, your wife may drop some subtle, or not so subtle, hints about what she hopes to receive. Keep your ears open so that you can pick up on these helpful hints and get her the object of her desire.

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Start early

Don't wait until the night before your special event and head out to a 24-hour-store on a hunt for a gift. Put some planning into the gift purchasing process, and start your hunt well ahead of the gift exchange date to ensure that you don't get stuck selecting a sub par gift because your time allotment has expired.

Avoid being practical

While the dishwasher may be leaking or her mop might be looking a bit tattered, she likely does not want to receive a replacement for either of these utilitarian objects as a gift. Use this as an opportunity to pamper her, not provide her with a tool, regardless of how necessary a replacement may be.

Ask her friends

Tap into this often overlooked resource by pulling her friends aside when they come over to visit and inquiring as to whether she has mentioned something that she might want to receive. Perhaps she has swooned over a friend's eco-friendly bag or mentioned how she would like to get a pedicure. Her friends will tell you these things, if you take the time to ask them.

Consider using a personal shopper

There is no shame in asking for help if you are a fledgling shopper. Many department stores offer personal shopping services. Don't beat your head against the wall trying to pick your gift, when you could simply ask for the assistance that you need to make the process a painless one.

Try something new

Explore stores that your wife does not commonly visit. If you want to surprise your wife with something special, you are more likely to be able to do so by venturing outside of your normal circle of stores. Head to a specialty store or boutique, or take your search digital and hunt the web for an uncommon gift that will truly catch your wife off guard. RedEnvelope offers a variety of unique and personalized gift items, from keepsakes to jewelry items, that are sure to please any wife.

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