How Do Humidors Work?

Bob DobDec, 2010

How Do Humidors Work?

A humidor is a container specially designed to keep cigars fresh. A humidor maintains the freshness of cigars by providing the steady 70-percent humidity needed to keep the smokes from drying out. Humidors also prevent mold from developing on the stogies. A traditional humidor adds a distinct bit of cedar wood aroma to the smokes.

Step 1

Give a humidor as a gift for the cigar smoker who has everything. RedEnvelope carries a personalized humidor with compartments that allow a smoker to keep cigars separate so that various flavors don't commingle.

Step 2

Place blocks of cedar wood found in humidors that don't come equipped with the spacers. The cedar spacers keep cigars from touching and provide the smokes with the traditional flavor that cigars acquire when stored in a cedar humidor.

Step 3

Purchase a humidor that is long enough to allow you to place your cigars in the box horizontally. The position works best to keep the cigars moist and prevent drying.

Step 4

Keep your humidor filled with distilled or purified water in the area designed to hold water. Basic humidors must be checked regularly to make sure water levels remain appropriate. Electronic humidors are filled less often because they constantly recycle the fluid to maintain the proper humidity levels.

Step 5

Keep the cellophane on your cigars if you place different brands in the same humidor. In addition to adding another layer of humidity protection, the plastic can keep the various flavors from bleeding and mixing with your other smokes.


Don't use a humidor for those cigars you smoke every day. According to The Cigar Times, a humidor is better utilized for those cigars you want to collect and allow to age longer than the two years most cigars have already been seasoned. The regular opening and closing of the box negates the benefits you derive from the box by allowing humidity to be altered frequently.

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