Hostess Gift Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Monica PatrickAugust 12, 2010


Pulling off a successful bridal shower requires organizational skills, planning time and a fashionable eye for the important little details. After all the hard work, you may wish to show your hostess how meaningful the event was to you. Shower your bridal hosts or hostess with tokens of appreciation to express your thankfulness for their graciousness.

Spa Kits

After the shower is over, give your thoughtful friend spa products and goodies she can use to relax with. Fluffy pink slippers with silky pink bows on the side are luxurious and stylish treats for her feet. A massaging foot tub that bubbles up around her toes will make her feet feel cool and refreshed. A collection of aromatic foot lotions and a set of colorful toe polishes will be fun to play with during downtime. RedEnvelope's Aromatherapy Wrap and Booties is a rejuvenating gift choice for stressed hostesses. The neck wrap comes with two aromatic inserts, lavender and mint. The inserts can be microwaved for a warm wrap or refrigerated for a cooling effect.

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Gift Certificates

Beautifully presented gift certificates make a nice present for busy brides to give. Purchase a gift certificate for two from a bistro or local restaurant. Tuck the gift certificate inside a hand-crafted card or a monogrammed note card directly from your desk. Enroll your friend in a flower or chocolate of the month club. A free month of tanning or a gym membership will help her keep fit. Surprise her with a gift card for some music downloads or load your shared favorites on an MP3 player. Buy some movie tickets and tuck them in a popcorn bowl with some sodas and gourmet popping corn. A massage gift certificate is a therapeutic gift idea she will appreciate for weeks.

Personalized Gifts

Personalize an ordinary accessory to make it something your hostess will treasure forever. A fabric checkbook cover in festive polka dots looks nice with a large monogram on the top. A matching tote and keychain will complete this classy ensemble. Colors like black and white make a good background for a red or hot pink monogram. The Signet Locket Necklace from RedEnvelope makes a luxurious gift for her. This sterling silver necklace has a round locket pendant that opens at the top. Have her initials engraved on the pendant for a thoughtful touch. This sweet gift comes complete with a story card that explains the gift's historical significance.

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