Holiday Gift Ideas for the Parents of a Boyfriend

Anna ScanlonNovember 21, 2010


Figuring out what to get your boyfriend's parents can be a difficult and daunting task. Instead of trying to find something personal and sentimental, think about buying something simple and fun, like an an accessory for their home.

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Appropriate for all occasions, flowers and plants can help brighten up your potential in-laws' home or decorate it for Christmas. Purchase a holiday specific flower, such as a poinsettia, or simply ask your boyfriend which colors his parents prefer. When buying the flowers, don't forget to include a vase so they can display them right away. RedEnvelope offers a huge assortment of floral arrangements that change every season. Because you can order flowers direct from the website, you can send the flowers directly to your boyfriend's parents, even if they live far away.


Help your boyfriend's parents liven up their home decor by purchasing a decorative candle or candle holder. Make sure to ask your boyfriend about their decorating scheme before buying the gift. In addition, you can purchase them a scented candle they can enjoy all year around. RedEnvelope offers a variety of candles, including an unscented dual wick cherry blossoms candle, made entirely of wax and sits on a ceramic tray.

Serving Tray or Plates

If your boyfriend's parents love to entertain, then buy them a serving tray designed for entertaining. Shop around for something that you and your boyfriend think suits their sensibility and style before settling on a gift. RedEnvelope stocks many different serving trays and appetizer plates, including a set of modern cubist appetizer plates, complete with a tray finished in espresso. Fill up the appetizer trays with delectable goodies when giving them to your boyfriend's parents to add a little something extra to the gift.