Gifts From a Grandmother for a New Baby

Erin SchreinerNov, 2010


Grandmothers are commonly eager to begin doting upon a new arrival. Celebrate the birth of your newest grandchild by giving a specially selected baby keepsake present. Pick a distinctive gift to serve as a reminder of the special bond that you and this member of the next generation share. While the new baby who is still becoming familiar with the workings of the world may not show much interest in the present now, he will likely cherish it later in life.

My Heritage Book

As a beaming grandmother, you are likely eager to instill an understanding of family history in your brood's newest addition. Help the new little one start learning about her familial past early by giving her a My Heritage Book. This hardbound book, available from RedEnvelope, features a tree on its cover. When you order the book, you can select up to four countries from which your ancestors originated. The book will come filled with information about these selected countries. The text also includes a family tree that you can work with your new grandchild to fill out.

Cuddly Cub

Give your grandchild a present that he can cuddle up with and use by presenting him with a Cuddly Cub from RedEnvelope. The Cuddly Cub is a soft, plush, baby-sized bear. The bear comes dressed in a terrycloth diaper cover and hooded towel. These garments can be removed and used to dress baby after bath time. Your new grandchild will surely look adorable in these uncommon accessories, and the bear may well become a childhood favorite. The cub is available in pink, blue or yellow, so the present is applicable for a child of any sex.

Cashmere Baby Blanket

Give your precious grandchild an uncommonly luxurious blanket; buy the new addition a Cream Cashmere Baby Blanket from RedEnvelope. This soft baby wrap is the ultimate in comfort, crafted of 100 percent cashmere. The blanket features a classic cable-knit design and can be ordered with the baby's name and birth date embroidered along one edge. Whether put to use or used simply as an elegant decoration, this gift will likely be much appreciated by mother and baby.

Handprint Growth Chart Quilt

Present your grandchild with a decorative piece that celebrates her growth. The Handprint Growth Chart Quilt is a colorful wall hanging featuring a quilted tree. Scattered around the quilt are circles of various sizes labeled with numbers. The quilt also comes with fabric paint so each year, as the child celebrates another birthday, he can fill another one of the circles in with a current hand print. This adorable wall provides a wonderful and uncommon way to celebrate your grandchild's growth.

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