Graduation Party Photo Display Ideas

Kristine HanwayFeb, 2011

Graduation Party Ideas

By placing photo displays in your graduation party setting, you allow guests to join with you in a walk down memory lane and reflect upon the illustrious life of the graduate. As you prepare for your next graduation party, consider some ways in which you can arrange your graduation photo display space.

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Display Board

By preparing a photo display board, you can create a movable memory piece perfect for display at your graduation event. To craft this display, purchase a tri-fold board in white, black or a color representative of the school from which the graduate is graduating. Personalize the board by placing the graduate's name atop with pre-cut or hand-cut letters. Fill the board with images of the graduate throughout her lifetime. Attach the originals of these images using loops or standard transparent tape so you can remove them later, or create copies and glue them onto the board surface. Finish your photographic display by scattering cut-outs depicting graduates or other graduation appropriate symbols on the board. Place this display board in a prominent location in your space, such as above the gift table, to ensure that all take note of the memory-filled creation.

Wall Gallery Frames

Make your photo display a bit more permanent by using Wall Gallery Frames, available from RedEnvelope. This frame set features space for the displaying 13 photos of various sizes. This set is available in black or espresso finish. The cluster of frames hangs from a nickel-plated bar, giving the arrangement a contemporary look. After graduation, leave your pictures in place for some time, then remove them and replace them with other family photos, putting your attractive frame collection to use once again.

Hanging Photo Curtain

Make your photo display more attention-getting by creating a hanging photo curtain. To craft this aesthetically pleasing display, copy images of your graduate onto sheets of thick cardstock or photo paper. Clip around the images, and punch holes in the corners. Using transparent thread, connect the pictures by tying them together through the corner holes to create a photo curtain. Suspend this curtain behind your snack table or slightly away from the wall in the area you have reserved for socialization to encourage guests to take a look at these memory-filled images while celebrating in the new graduate's honor.

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