Gifts for Techie Guys

Monica PatrickAugust 12, 2010


Techie gifts inspired by a movie or some new technology will send shivers up the gadget lover's spine. Guys who love cool gadgets and gizmos like getting techie gifts that perform simple tasks or are somehow entertaining. Whether needing a gift for the tech guru's birthday or a holiday, you can find gifts to suit most any price range.

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Solar Gifts

If your techie guy is green, he will appreciate gifts that represent his environmental attitude. A Solar Gadget Charger will let him power up his tech tools anywhere there is sun. Unfold the Solio Solar Charger and place it in the sun. The wings of this charger harness the solar power converting it into electricity. This cool tool comes with six different adapter tips to use with multiple electronics. He can power up his music player, phone or any other gadget with his portable charger. This lightweight gadget is only about 5 inches wide. Solar powered flashlights and cameras are also interesting gadgets he will enjoy receiving.

Car Toys

Every guy likes toys for the car, even techie guys. Give you tech lover a Gadget Charger for the Car from RedEnvelope. This nifty coffee shaped outlet fits inside the cup holder of your vehicle. It looks like an espresso coffee but it is really a power inverter. This "coffee cup" has two AC outlets that can run a laptop, DVD player or any other gadget your friend uses. A talking car alarm he can customize with his own voice with the voice of a movie character is a good gift. A closed hood jump starter allows him to start a dead battery without dragging out the jumper cables. A portable scrolling LED message sign will be a fun gift to place in a car's back window.

Movie Gadgets

Your techie guy probably loves movies like Star Trek and Star Wars. Surprise him with gadgets inspired from the movies. Phasers are weapons used on both these movies. Find phaser toys that make sounds, shoot lasers or smoke. He can add these goodies to his technical collection. A CD loaded with sound effects from space movies would also be a nice gift. Surprise him with a set of working Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers. Tech lovers cannot resist a miniature R2-D2 robot that beeps and rotates around the room.

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