Gifts for Law School Graduates

Chuck WoodsonFeb 2011

Gifts for Law School Graduates

While budding lawyers may be in line for careers that eventually pay handsomely, in the early days of their careers, new graduates spend inordinate amounts of time at work and see little for their efforts, especially with enormous, looming school debts. Thoughtful gifts to shore up a grad in those first few struggling years will more often than not be used and appreciated. Think practical for your practical legal grad.

ledge gallery frame set
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According to the National Retail Federation, cash is by far the most popular graduation gift, with nearly 60 percent of gift-givers opting for an envelope of money. Law school graduates can use cash as much as any other graduating senior, but may be more inclined to receive the money in the form of stocks or certificates of deposits. Remember, this is a practical group that enjoys strategizing and taking a long view toward their careers. Gift cards, another form of cash gifting, also are popular gifts for new graduates who then can choose the most useful present for themselves.

Diploma Frame

Graduating from law school is a major achievement, one that should be honored with a special frame for the diploma that most likely will adorn an office wall for all the important clients to view. Rather than allow your grad to exhibit her degree in a plain black wooden frame, splurge on a special frame that emits class and elegance. Consider a gold frame or one made locally by a gifted artist.

Bags and Cases

Law students will be dragging paperwork and case files to and from their offices, and will appreciate a well-made bag or briefcase, monogrammed with their initials. Messenger bags are ideal carrying cases that relieve shoulder strain. If you're on a tighter budget, consider a smaller case like the Pop-Up Leather Card Case at RedEnvelope. The metal business card holder is wrapped in soft leather, and opens by touching a button for quick and classy card exchanges the grad will surely partake in on a regular basis.

Jewelry and Accessories

Diamond earrings or cuff links set with rubies may be particularly tasteful and appropriate gifts for law school graduates who will be entering a world where appearances often matter. Personalized costume jewelry and accessories that recognize the amazing achievement of the grad also are appropriate reminders of how proud you are of her. Consider a monogrammed money clip for the guys, like the one offered at RedEnvelope. The sterling silver holder is a classic any new lawyer would be proud to carry. An inspirational piece of jewelry such as the Embrace Life pendant at RedEnvelope will remind the grad of your good wishes every time she puts it on.

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