Gifts for Journalism Graduates

Ernest BeckinhemDec, 2010

Gifts for Journalism Graduates

For the most part, journalism graduates won't make a lot of money early in their careers and will appreciate any gift they receive. While many parents may want to celebrate their grad's achievements with a car or computer, you may not have those kinds of resources to spend. Consider their needs, and you can't go wrong.


Journalists are writers, and while most utilize the computer for scribing, they still appreciate the instruments of their craft. A beautiful Cross or Mont Blanc pen announces that you support your grad's writing career while presenting her with a valuable memento of the occasion. If you're working with a tighter budget, consider one of our ballpark pens or ray gun pens


While personalized gifts make a nice statement about your feelings for the graduate, money never fails. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 60 percent of gift givers presented graduates with gifts of money upon graduation. It's a standard for a reason. Most graduates are strapped for funds and use the money to travel, set up an apartment, or finance their job hunting. Stocks, bonds and other investments also may be appropriate for starting the new grad on a stable path.


Journalists will be making a slew of contacts once they start their first job. You can help the graduate stay organized with a number of gifts ranging from electronic note pads to small personal computing devices and cell phone applications. A warm, inexpensive gift that any journalism grad could use might be a leather card case from RedEnvelope in which they can carry their own business cards and those they gather while making contacts. Have the graduate's initials engraved on the case for a personal touch.


While briefcases may be out of fashion, messenger bags are most current and come in a wide range of materials and price points. A canvas messenger bag will be sturdy and appreciated, but a leather bag with the graduate's initials embossed on the outside will add a touch of class to the rookie reporter. For those who land plumb assignments overseas or with traveling publications, consider a set of luggage or a customized carry-on. Laptop bags big enough to hold books, magazines and notepads could be just the right accoutrement.

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