Ideas for Gifts From a New Baby to a Sibling

Anna ScanlonJuly 1, 2010


Adding a new child to the family can be rough on a sibling, especially if she had become accustomed to being an only child. You can help ease the transition by encouraging her to buy your newborn a baby gift to wear to welcome him to the family. You can even get creative and try and encourage art projects to make her feel a little more involved.

Painted Baby Clothes

Purchase onesies for the baby online or in a baby clothing store. Together with your older child or children, use puff paint to draw designs on the clothing or write things such as the baby's name, a special message of welcome or anything you and your children desire. This can be a fun and inspiring craft that will help your child feel a little more excited about the new baby.

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Stepping Stone

Several companies, such as RedEnvelope, sell stepping stone kits that make doing a project together for the new baby utterly foolproof. This kit is a total family affair, in that the child gets to place his hand in the cement, while parents and older siblings can decorate the sides of it with mosaics, the baby's name or another such welcome message. This stepping-stone can be placed in the backyard or inside for a special commemoration of the new baby. You can also choose to wait for the baby's birth to include his footprint or handprint in the family tile.

Handprint Frame

Similar to the stepping-stone, families can purchase a handprint frame kit to immortalize this important moment in family history. Although the kits are sold as handprint kits, you can also use them to draw anything you would like around the border. Let the older siblings go wild, or delegate specific tasks to each family member on this communal piece of art. Kits typically come with a paintable border, a place for the photo and a sleek wooden frame. Some even come with a plaque that can be engraved with the child's name.

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