Gifts for a 1-Year-Old Boy

Anna ScanlonJuly 6, 2010


Celebrating a baby's first birthday is a momentous and exciting time. Help commemorate a little boy's first year by giving him something extra special. You can choose to give him something he can use right away in order to help out the parents a little bit, or you can choose to purchase him a keepsake he'll cherish for years to come.

Fork and Spoon Sets

At 1 year old, the little guy in your life will likely be transitioning into solid food and learning how to feed himself. Help him on his way by purchasing him a baby fork and spoon set. You can purchase these at almost any store that sells baby products. To make the gift extra special, buy him a pewter or silver spoon, engraved with his name. This way, as he matures into using "grown-up" silverware, his family can still cherish your gift by putting it on display.

Hooded Towel

A 1-year-old will be just starting to take a bath in the bathtub like a big boy, so help ease the transition by purchasing him a cuddly, hooded towel robe to keep him warm and cozy after the bath. RedEnvelope offers a selection of snuggly towels, each with animals ears on top so that he can engage in a game of pretend right out of the bath. Each towel also comes with a matching diaper, making it the perfect way to keep the little guy in your life feeling warm and snug.

Wooden Toys

Classic and timeless, wooden toys are an excellent source of entertainment for little boys. Sold online and in most baby stores, you can provide your 1-year-old with hours of classic fun by purchasing him a wooden boat, car or fire truck. He can play with his siblings or keep it to himself as he pretends to drive the fire truck or puts the wooden boat in the sink. When purchasing a wooden toy for a 1-year-old, make sure that the sides are all sanded down to avoid unwanted snags with tender little skin. If you purchase one online that is not completely sanded down, you can go to a hardware store and have it perfected before presenting it to the birthday boy.

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