Wine Basket Gift Ideas

Monica PatrickJan 25th, 2011

Wine Basket Gift Ideas

An abundant, over-flowing wine basket is a grown-up gift that is big on flavor. Amateur and seasoned wine drinkers will be thrilled at unwrapping a wine basket for any occasion or holiday. Fill up your wine basket with other goodies like fresh fruit, snacks and sweets to make your gift even more luxurious.

Domestic Wines

Show your enthusiasm for local wineries by giving domestic wines from vineyards in your area or region. A good wine is the perfect accoutrement for an evening of relaxation and even romance. Domestic wines made from local grapes and fruits will combine to make a friendly, familiar beverage your loved ones will enjoy. Wrap a bottle in a wine towel along with some wine glasses and place them attractively in a wicker basket.

Imported Wines

Send your loved one on a virtual trip to France with a three bottles from the most popular wine regions. RedEnvelope's French Escape has everything you need for a lavish gift. The Bordeaux wine selection is medium bodied with a deep berry flavor. Sophisticated and well balanced, the French burgundy wine is good for sipping. The Rhone wine has a distinctive oak base and is good for pairing with grilled foods. For experienced wine drinkers, give a full-bodied Italian chianti. Create your own basket, and add a novelty corkscrew in an interesting shape. Wine guidebooks and wine accessories like decanters are also useful basket fillers.

Picnic Basket of Wine

Wine and chocolate are the decadent duo -- perfect for giving to someone you love. The Wine Picnic Trio from RedEnvelope comes in a reusable flat wicker picnic basket with leather closures. Stuffed inside this big basket are three Lake Sonoma brand wines along with smoked salmon, savory crackers and a selection of chocolate truffles. A small sampling of cheese and pistachios round out this picnic basket of delights. Pack your own picnic basket with the wine of your choice, summer sausage and a jar of olives. For a truly romantic touch, write a personal note on scented stationery, and place it inside the basket. Sprinkle hard, individually wrapped candies in your basket to fill in the empty space.

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