Gift Ideas for a 35th Birthday

Anna ScanlonApril 15, 2010


A 35th is a big milestone, so celebrate in a big way by giving your friend or family member something he can use all year around. Remember to tailor your 35th birthday gift to the person's personality and hobbies so that this year's gift will be extra special.

Spa Gift Basket

If she works hard chasing around her kids or at her nine-to-five job, reward her with a spa gift basket. Spa baskets are generally available from bath supply stores or department stores and feature an array of gifts to promote rest and relaxation in the bath. Most feature gifts such as loofahs, scrubs, lotion and soaps and generally come in the theme of a color or scent. Some also come with slippers or a robe, to top it off. This is a great gift for someone you know well or a family member you're not especially familiar with.

cashmere ballet slipper
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Valets are a great gift for a man or woman celebrating a 35th birthday. Valets are often made of wood or a precious metal and function much like a jewelry box. Some are open for easy access to loose items, while feature a top with a closure for privacy. They can sit on a desk or a nightstand, making it easy and simple for him to organize his loose change, vintage cufflinks and other small valuables or for her to place the jewelry she wears everyday.


Candles make a great gift as they brighten up the home and sometimes add a pleasant aroma that will make her think of you. Go to a candle shop and buy one that reminds you of her or in her favorite scent. You can also choose to purchase a scentless candle that works well for people who have allergies or simply want to decorate without extra scents. RedEnvelope offers an elegant Cherry Blossom candle in celebration of the 3,000 Japanese cherry trees presented to the United States by the Mayor of Tokyo in 1912. The candle features two wicks and hand-painted cherry blossoms.

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