Gift Ideas for a 20th Birthday

Anna ScanlonJune 12, 2010


While some may not consider a 20th birthday to be a mega-milestone, it's still one to celebrate. Honor your friend or family member's special day with a 20th birthday gift to show you're thinking of her. Many 20-year-olds are just starting out, either residing in college or in a first apartment. Help her out by giving her something she can use.

Appetizer Plates

If she's always up for entertaining, buy her a set of appetizer plates. Purchase a set that suits her individual needs. If she's into whipping up fresh appetizers, a ceramic serving bowl or plate is a good fit. For the low-maintenance girl who serves store-bought chips and dip get her a serving set especially designed for that, with a place to hold the munchies and tiny bowls for the other goodies.

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Coaster Set

Coasters are a great inexpensive way to help him spruce up his home decor. Buy him a set of coasters donning his favorite team's logo, the name of his favorite band or pictures by his favorite artist. He can show his pride in his hobbies while protecting his furniture when he's entertaining guests. There is a wide variety out there to choose from, so pick something that matches his sensibilities perfectly.

Coffee Gift Basket

College students and those new to the workforce alike love a cup of java in the morning before tackling what's up ahead. Help her stay awake with a coffee gift set that she can use year-round. You can make your own by purchasing a mug and coffee beans and placing them all in a small basket. You can also order a ready-made coffee gift basket from RedEnvelope to send to the 20-year-old who lives far away.

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