First Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Douglas RobertsJan, 2011

First Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Your first Valentine's Day together should be special and romantic, but you may need to balance a desire for the perfect gift with the caution a new relationship requires. Your first romantic gift should be thoughtful, playful and affordable. Consider how long you've been dating and your history together when picking a Valentine's Day gift.

Edible Treats

Food or beverages are safe choices for a first Valentine's Day. You can bake a cake, make cookies or serve homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. If you'd like to do more than just dinner or dessert, consider a basket of microbrewed beers or a fun Sliders Mini-Burger set from RedEnvelope. Whether you opt for sweets or plan a winter picnic, edible gifts can be romantic without sending an overly personal message in a new relationship.

Practical Presents

Practical gifts may not be terribly romantic but can be something he'll appreciate. Give him a new wallet or money clip to replace his old and battered one. If he's handy around the house, tools or a pocket knife can be an appropriate choice for your first Valentine's Day together. Geekier guys may like a charging station for electronics in the house or car, like RedEnvelope's Gadget Charger for the Car.

Plan a Date

Plan an outing or a date for your first Valentine's Day together. If it's a surprise for him, choose an activity he will enjoy, like a sporting event, movie or play. Dinner out on Valentine's Day may not be worth the crowds, but you can wrap up tickets and a bar of good chocolate or a playful card. If it's right for your relationship, consider making an overnight of your outing with a stay at a hotel, rustic cabin, or bed and breakfast.

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