Father's Day Gift Ideas for First Time Dads

Linda RayApril 27, 2010


A dad will only have one "first" Father's Day, so you'll want to give him a Father's Day gift that will make the day especially important. While dad will be busting with pride at his newfound status, he'll enjoy gifts that acknowledge his contribution to the family. Make the day memorable with a gift he will keep and enjoy for years.

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New dads can use organizers of every size and shape to keep their stuff in when baby starts crawling. Consider a nice valet for his dresser or a lidded box with baby's picture on the inside of the top from RedEnvelope. A universally compatible charging station can keep dad's electronics all in one place for easy access.


Get dad hooked up with a digital video recorder or Tivo so he can tape his favorite shows and watch them after baby goes down. Dads at the DadLab at Baby Zone report that they want to spend time with their new babies and find they miss the big games and movies too often. Surprise dad with a DVR alongside a new organizer caddy for the remote control he'll need to tape his shows. RedEnvelope has variety of organizers, like the brushed nickel valet or desktop charging station, which will keep the remote within reach.


Dad's first Father's Day is a good time to consider a nice piece of jewelry for him to remember the occasion. A sterling tag to hang on a chain can be engraved with his baby's name and birth date. Look for other personalized pieces such as a ring or ID bracelet. If he's a dapper guy, get him a set of cuff links or a tie clip with customized engravings from RedEnvelope.


New dads need just as much comfort as new moms. A new pair of comfortable therapeutic slippers from RedEnvelope will be kept and appreciated. New dads will also appreciate a plush new robe to put on at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

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