Family Fun Christmas Gifts

Anna ScanlonNov 20, 2010


If you're looking for a way to bring the family closer together this holiday season, think of purchasing a unique Christmas giftgift that will do just that. Decide on an activity the family will be able to do together and start your own tradition of family fun nights.


A puzzle is a fantastic way to help bring the family together. You'll spend hours with one another, exchanging stories and jokes as you search and work together toward a common goal. If you've got little ones, try engaging them in a less difficult puzzle while older members of the family work on something a bit more challenging. RedEnvelope offers a unique puzzle geared for kids that offers an area for personalization. You can opt to place the family or child's name on the puzzle and help your children work together to assemble a picture of zoo animals.

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Board Games

Board games are a fantastic way to keep the family engaged with one another. Classic games, like chess, checkers, dominoes, cribbage and card games bridge the gap between generations and help children develop both logic and strategy skills. In addition, it can help bring the family together by giving them a fun and entertaining activity to do after work and school. RedEnvelope offers a 7 in 1 game compendium, which combines chess, checkers, cribbage, dominoes, cards, dice and backgammon in one easy traveling case. Instructions for each game are also included.


Purchase your family a small but wonderful gift: seeds. Depending on the age of your children, you can opt to grow your new little family garden outside together, or simply place them on your window sill in plastic cups. You can also purchase pots from your local nursery and allow your children to paint them before together as a family you plant the seeds. RedEnvelope offers a great kit to get you started, which includes three colors of acrylic paints, three pots and several seeds to plant beautiful flowers.

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