Elementary Graduation Gift Suggestions

Pearl M. InnesFeb, 2011

Gifts for an Elementary School Graduate

As your tiny student graduates elementary school and prepares to head off to greater academic challenges, recognize this milestone by presenting him with a graduation gift. A carefully selected token of your pride can show your child that you love him and appreciate all of the hard work that he has put into his education. When selecting a present for this occasion, seek one that will help him transition into his new school or serve as a reminder of the milestone in the future.

Reading Chair

During elementary years, your child likely developed her reading skills. Now that she is transitioning to middle school, she will be required to read even more material, further extending her abilities. Give her a cozy place to engage in this reading by buying her a reading chair for her graduation. Select a comfy chair that matches her bedroom decor. To further customize this reading seat, personalize it by having her name embroidered on it.

Kids Masterpiece Art Kit

Keep your budding artist's creative juices flowing with your graduation gift. Give him the Kids Masterpiece Art Kit from RedEnvelope to ensure that he has an outlet for his creativity. This kit comes with a canvas, acrylic paints, a pallet, two paint brushes and a frame. The frame comes complete with a metal plaque that you can have engraved with your child's name along with the date of his graduation, making the gift into a memento of his elementary graduation that he will always cherish.

Hexagon Stepping Stone

Create a garden addition to celebrate your child's elementary graduation. Purchase the Hexagon Stepping Stone kit from RedEnvelope. This kit comes with a vinyl mold, cement mix, and a collection of rocks and tiles to place in the wet cement. After your child's graduation, present her with this gift and sit down with her to create this outdoor addition as a commemorative piece representative of her graduation.

Science Investigation Kit

If your child's favorite subject was science, encourage him to keep this scientific exploration going throughout the summer by buying him a science investigation kit. Select a kit that contains a microscope along with assorted slide-creation materials. Or, if the stars are what catch his fancy, purchase a telescope along with some books about the heavenly bodies that he can view with this device. By giving him a gift of this type, you encourage him to use his summer to continue to build his skills, increasing the likelihood that he enters middle school ready to engage in more serious scientific study.

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