Electronic Gifts for Dad

Linda RayMay 13, 2010


As the number of available electronic gadgets continues to grow, sometimes it's even harder to decide which one dad might like best. Consider his hobbies, his work and his favorite pastimes to choose the best electronic gifts for your dad. Look for a gift that will fit in with his lifestyle and interests.


If your dad is like many, he already has a large selection of electronics he bought for himself. Think about adding to his cache with accessories for all his gadgets. The latest charging stations are a perfect addition to a dad's lineup of electronics. He can plug in his phones, music players and cameras in one spot and keep all the cords separated. Impress him with a solar gadget charger from RedEnvelope (see Resources). A dad also might appreciate new headphones, a cord caddy or portable CD case. Travel cases and carriers also make for welcomed electronic accessory gifts. Look for bags with multiple pockets and zippers to keep electronics safe and separated.

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While your dad may have a global positioning satellite unit in his car, there's a good chance he doesn't have all the latest GPS electronics on the market. It's nearly impossible to keep up with the changes in the technology. Consider a mini GPS unit that can be hung on a key chain. Make the gift extra special with a personalized key chain for him to hang it on.

Key Chain

Key chains come with all kinds of electronics built in to them. Dads who use wireless signals will appreciate a WiFi-finder that lights up when in a hot spot. Put pictures of you and your family on a digital photo key ring so your dad can play back the memories at any time without having to carry pictures in his wallet. The digital photo key chain from RedEnvelope holds up to 60 different pictures (see Resources). Look for key chains that can carry a thumb drive or a mini MP3 player. Electronic key chains are available with flashlights on them, video games, laser pointers and talking gags.

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