Educational Baby Gifts

Anna ScanlonJuly 11, 2010


After babies are born, they begin their education and awareness in the world right away. They quickly absorb information such as colors, language, names and anything else that comes their way. You can help a baby's growth and development by giving her a great educational baby gift to help her on the way to lifelong learning.

Personalized Books

Many companies offer personalized story books that include the name of the child as a leading character. Some stories are as simple as an alphabet book with pictures, with the letter the child's name starts with placed by his name. Others feature more complicated stories, involving a character named after your child on an adventure. While either is an appropriate baby gift, as he can have the book read to him and then progress to reading it on his own, a simple book might be better for a baby to comprehend. Simple personalized books include personalized stories that include things such as the alphabet and colors.

Alphabet Quilt

RedEnvelope offers an Alphabet Quilt that features colorful illustrations of each letter. This delightful and whimsical piece can be hung in a child's room or used as a baby blanket. The quilt can be personalized with the child's name and birth date, making the gift even more special. This eye-catching gift is perfect for small children. Make this gift even more educational by going over the alphabet with your baby as often as possible.

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Baby CD

It's no secret that some babies learn through music; so purchase a soothing baby CD to help put your friend's child to sleep. Discuss with the parents what they're trying to instill in the children. For example, if the parents would like their children to learn a foreign language, purchase a soothing CD in the language. You can also find a myriad of children's CDs with songs that teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, animals and many other useful things, all set to a fun beat.

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