Edible Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Julia M. StevensonFeb, 2011

Edible Gifts for Valentine's Day

Give your partner a tasty treat this Valentine's Day by selecting an edible Valentine's gift. When picking a food-based Valentine's gift, seek something that is decadent and quite different from the kinds of foods that often fill your partner's plate. By picking a sweet treat for your special someone, you can encourage her to indulge herself on this love-themed holiday.


A box of chocolates is a Valentine's staple that many sweethearts with a sweet tooth look forward to receiving annually. Buy your best girl a box of indulgent treats this Valentine's Day. Try the Godiva Gift Box, available from RedEnvelope. This collection of chocolates includes an assortment of palette pleasing concoctions. The tasty treats that rest in this gift box are also intricately designed to look almost as good as they taste, ensuring that your sweetie experiences sensory delight from the moment she cracks the box lid.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Perhaps because they pair so well with champagne, strawberries have long had a place on many Valentine's menus. This Valentine's Day, delight your lover with a decidedly indulgent collection of chocolate-covered strawberries. Buy her the 12 Hand Dipped Fancy Berries from RedEnvelope. These decked out berries feature toppings including white chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut and finely chopped nuts, setting them well apart from your standard plain dipped berry. Buy a collection of these tasty treats, and lay them out next to a bottle of champagne to entice your lover to cuddle up and share some tasty treats this Valentine's Day.

Fancy Caramel Apples

This Valentine's Day, delight your partner with a decadent caramel apple treat. Seek a caramel apple dressed with chocolate, cookie bits, candies, nuts or another tasty smattering of ingredients to provide an uncommon tasty delight. This treat is sweet, yet has a tart kick, just like your sweet and sassy Valentine's girl herself. Let your Valentine's partner dig in and indulge her sweet tooth, or cut the treat apart and share it as a romantic Valentine's evening closer.

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