Easter Gifts for an Infant

Chuck WoodsonFeb 2011

Easter Gifts for an Infant

Infants are too young to understand the meaning of Easter gifts, but parents will appreciate your kind gesture. Establish important family traditions at the beginning of a child's life with personalized keepsake presents. As the infant gets older, these Easter mementos will help him understand the significance of this special day.

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Easter Blankets

Swaddle baby in an Easter blanket. Purchase a bunny-themed blanket or one with a cross motif. RedEnvelope's personalized bunny blanket allows you to add the infant's name to the hem. A hat and a rattle come with this bunny set. Buy a quilt block blanket featuring different scenes from Easter celebrations. For the baby boy, give a blue crochet blanket with scalloped edging. For a little girl, offer a pink or white blanket with tiny flower embellishments. Purchase an older baby an interactive play mat or play blanket.

Silver Gifts

For a nice keepsake, give a silver décor piece to display in the baby's room. RedEnvelope has a silver and glass rocking horse snow globe you can have engraved with the baby's name and birthday. Other good gifts are a silver picture frame for hanging or displaying on a tabletop. A silver tooth holder, a hair comb or a baby necklace make nice keepsake items.

Easter Outfits

Shower the baby with a few keepsake Easter baby outfits. Buy an Easter onesie that has a hoodie with bunny ears. Purchase a formal Easter outfit for the baby's holiday photo shoot. Other gift ideas are a hooded bathrobe with bunny ears, or a pair of soft pink, yellow or blue booties. Buy a personalized cable sweater or a set of personalized baby bibs.

Easter Toys

Infants are not very mobile, but they do enjoy observing and sometimes reaching for colorful toys. Purchase an Easter mobile to spin around baby's bed. Pick an Easter mobile with fabric eggs, ducks, bunnies and carrots. The mobile could play "Here Comes Peter Cottontail." Buy the baby's first holiday basket, and fill it with soft Easter toys. Other gifts are a bunny in the box windup toy, a squeaky, woolly lamb or a soft Easter book. For older infants, give stackable soft blocks that spell out the word "Easter." Playful and musical, crib pull-toys will entertain the baby as he plays in his crib.

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