Easter Gifts for the Family

Sunni ParkerFeb, 2011

Easter Gift Ideas

On major holidays like Easter, families often gather together for a special dinner after church services. In celebration of the holiday, some families exchange gifts in remembrance of the Resurrection of Jesus or to commemorate the family gathering. Family Easter gifts add significance to the season. Select gifts that add sparkle to a party or that may be used for many Easters to come.

Easter Books

A well-made book looks nice displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf. For Christian families, buy a leather-bound Bible that you may engrave. Select a book that has a family tree section and story illustrations. Purchase a book of Easter paintings and portraits. RedEnvelope has a lifetime book that allows families to record special memories. For more secular families, buy a book treasury of the works of Beatrix Potter. Kids books about Brer Rabbit and Peter Cottontail are good choices too. Small religious storybooks about the Crucifixion make nice gifts.

Egg Kits

Most families that recognize Easter often do so by coloring eggs. Buy an egg-dyeing kit that has an egg tray and egg cups. Supply several shades of safe egg dye; consider organic dyes for your kit. Purchase a Ukrainian egg-painting kit or a Faberge-style egg craft to assemble. Buy a collection of egg stamps, cups and stickers to use with the family's Easter eggs. Other gift ideas are special egg-dyeing spoons and tools.

Floral Arrangement

Spring flower displays look seasonal and attractive on a family dinner table. Buy a full, colorful arrangement of tulips, roses and lilies. Purchase an arrangement of stargazers, carnations or orchids. Other gift ideas are RedEnvelope's egg herb planters. For the family with green thumbs, buy a live Easter lily or miniature rose plant.

Gourmet Goodies

At Easter gatherings, family members expect to snack and enjoy treats together. Purchase a large basket of gourmet goodies like mixed nuts, sesame sticks, pretzels and traditional Easter candies like mini chocolate eggs and gold candy coins. Buy a large Easter basket and fill it with one chocolate bunny for each member of the family. Have the family name molded into chocolate and surprise them with this tasty treat. Purchase a large jar of tropical, traditional or sour jellybeans. In celebration of Easter, buy a set of chocolate-covered strawberries or a set of caramel-covered apples to share.

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