Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Monica PatrickJuly 7, 2010


Easter gifts make children feel included in the holiday celebration but many people are unsure what to buy toddlers. Imaginative children enjoy gifts that promote a spirit of fun, reminiscent of the season. Whether buying for a family member or the child of a friend, RedEnvelope Easter gifts will send a sweet Easter message.

Cuddly Gifts

Soft, baby quilts with interactive nursery rhyme squares make cuddly gifts toddlers will love to snuggle with. Blankets showing Peter Cottontail, bright Easter eggs and frolicking children make nice heirloom gifts. Stuffed rabbits, baby chicks and carrots stuffed with hypoallergenic filling invite cuddling. Pick stuffed animals in bright or pastel colors.

Activity Baskets

Promote a toddler's love of play with an activity basket. Fill a basket with activity toys for outdoor playtime. A large bottle of non-toxic bubbles with a variety of plastic bubble wands is a nice component to a basket. A set of well-made beanbags are nice to toss around. Put plastic stacking cups in your Easter basket gift. Give an Easter coloring book and a set of washable markers to small children. Cookie cutters that make textured Easter egg cookies and other interesting shapes will provide hours of fun for kids to use with dough. Order an embroidered apron with the little one's name on the front. Pick one with an Easter motif of a group of eggs or a bunch of bunnies. Miniature rolling pins and some candy sprinkles will have kids clamoring to bake with Mommy.

Learning Gifts

Board books with textured panels will delight little ones with their bright colors and entertaining stories. RedEnvelope's Personalized Fairy Tale Storybook will delight children for years with stories that show their name in an amusing fairy tale. Give a jack-in-the-box with a pop out rabbit or baby chick. Children will find delight with a wind up music box. Stacking learning toys that encourage children to problem solve are ideal gifts for kids. Pick a learning toy that is in the shape of a lamb or rabbit.

Bath Toys

Baby loves playing in the bathtub. Surprise the child with a towel that has a hood. Hood towels that look like ducks or lambs are endearing gifts. A set of soft pastel washcloths with Easter egg images embroidered on them are good bath toy gifts too. Bathtub soaps or chalk soaps will keep kids clean while they scribble.

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