What Do Different Diamond Shapes Mean?

Anna ScanlonMarch 25, 2010


Diamonds can be cut into many different shapes before being placed into jewelry setting in rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Traditionally, those who choose and wear specific diamond cuts have certain personality traits associated with them, and each diamond cut's traits are as unique as the individual wearers of these elegant shapes. RedEnvelope has a wonderful selection of diamonds in a variety of cuts and settings.

Round diamonds

This classic cut was created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919 and typically has 58 facets. The round cut is the most popular cut for an engagement ring. According to Diamond Cutters International, a round diamond denotes faith and tradition. Those who wear round diamonds are often traditional, honest and steadfast in their beliefs. RedEnvelope's Eighty-Eight Diamond Solitaire Pendant is an example of a round diamond with more than usual number of facets for added sparkle.

Oval diamonds

Those who choose to wear oval diamonds have all the traditional aspects of those who wear round diamonds, but they tend to resist following the crowd, according to Diamond Cutters International. Those who wear an oval diamond are often predictable, dependable and stable but have a wild side they like to let show every now and then.

Pear-shaped diamonds

A pear-shaped diamond, states Diamond Cutters International, denotes that the wearer is pure and simple, yet yearns to be different. The Wedding Channel says that those who wear pear-shaped diamonds tend to be unique.

Princess-cut diamonds

Invented in 1961 by Arpad Nagy, the princess cut is a square cut diamond with intricacies etched on the sides. Those who wear princess cuts love to go with the trends but also love to take the spotlight. These wearers like to live life to the fullest and take chances, according to Diamond Cutters International.

Heart-shaped diamonds

The heart-shaped diamond has been dubbed "the Black Widow," and Diamond Cutters International says those who wear heart-shaped diamonds tend to flit from lover to lover following their heart. Those who sport this diamond may be constantly searching for a new love, a new job or a new place to live, in hopes of finding perfection.

Marquise Diamonds

This dramatic diamond was invented during the 18th-century reign of Louis XIV and was allegedly named for his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. Diamond Cutters International says those who wear this diamond are often extremely goal oriented and may be inclined towards drama. Marquise wearers often value money and extravagance.

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