Creative Valentine Ideas for Her

Missy VernadezFeb, 2011

Valentine's Day Creative Ideas

Instead of heading to your local florist and candy shop this Valentine's Day, deviate from the norm and select something a little less common for your special someone. By preparing a creative Valentine's event for your lover, you can create a lasting memory she will likely hold dear well into the future.

Throw A Romantic Game Night

Add some spice to your Valentine's activities by turning the romantic evening into a sensual game night. Select from an assortment of bedroom-ready games, and select one or two with which to delight your competitive cutie on Valentine's night. Try a round of Dirty Darts. In this game, available from RedEnvelope, you and your partner will take turns throwing darts at a fabric board full of sensual suggestions and delighting each other with romantic favors. Adding a game of this type to the mix is a great way to keep the laughter and merriment going well into the evening and setting this Valentine's Day apart from the rest.

Bestow A Title

While you likely feel that your lady is more distinctive than the rest, she probably does not possess a title to signify this importance. This Valentine's Day, give your girl the gift of a title. Buy the Laird or Lady Gift Box from RedEnvelope. By purchasing this gift box, you purchase one square foot of land in Glencairn, Scotland. With this petite land purchase comes the right to adopt the title Laird or Lady. Along with the certificate of land ownership also comes information about this beautiful Scottish country side plat and other assorted Scottish-themed treats. Giving your regal woman this gift is a great way to surprise and delight her and give her something that she has never before received.

Customize A Floral Vase

If you plan to follow the time-honored tradition of giving your sweetie flowers this Valentine's, consider ways in which you can make these floral gifts distinctive and special. This year, instead of placing your flowers in a standard container, buy your girl a customized floral vase that she can put to use each time you delight her with some beautiful blooms. Select a metal or glass vase, and have the container engraved or etched with a personal message from you. Select a simple message, such as your names together in a heart, or pick something a little less common, such as a literary quote about love. Place flowers in this vase before giving it to your romantic partner the first time. After giving her this vase, make bringing flowers home a habit, ensuring that she frequently has something to fill her personalized vase.

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